Our new website is structured to provide you with the opportunity to review projects in each of our major areas of design focus.

Our landscape architecture work encompasses municipal, residential, commercial, recreational and academic projects.

Our work in Landscape Ecology also transcends many project types and illustrates the ways in which ecologically sensitive design can improve the environment of even the smallest residential site.  My interest in landscape ecology was developed during my undergraduate studies at RI School of Design. Many of my professors had studied at the University of Pennsylvania under Ian McHarg.  McHarg’s seminal book Design with Nature was ahead of its time and in my opinion should be in every landscape architect’s library as it is even more relevant to today’s environmental issues.

RISD professor Marion Pressley (Pressley Associates) helped to develop my interest in historic and cultural landscape preservation. This interest was further developed while pursuing graduate studies at the University of Virginia under the guidance of Wil Riley (Riley & Associates) and Warren Byrd (Nelson, Byrd, Wolz).

I view landscape architecture as the blending of art, science and history. We use a matrix of these landscape elements to provide designs that shape environments for the better.


Landscape Elements