Our Work Philosophy is Inspired by Nature

Work Philosophy

Our practice is based on a careful analysis of landscape conditions and commitment to project design mission. We work collaboratively with other design professionals to ensure the integration of the landscape with architecture, engineering and planning.  We are committed to including the principles of sustainable design, landscape stewardship and inclusivity for all project users in our work.

Our design approach is comprehensive in response to the requirements of the site, the client goals, and the larger physical and cultural context.  Before starting our design work we carefully evaluate the many factors that will influence the project – environmental features, historical and cultural characteristics, architectural elements, community and neighborhood context, and user concerns.

Our work process begins with listening and observing so that we can then provide carefully chosen combinations of visual materials to assist each client in understanding what their project will look like once construction is complete. We interweave design aesthetic, site ecology and cultural character to create outdoor places that respect the environment, address and enrich client and community needs and enhance the history and character of the site.