Simplicity & Ecology

A private residence

The landscape architectural redesign for this New London residence focused on providing a landscape design that followed sustainable design principles.  The existing site conditions consisted of a gravel circular driveway leading to the corner of the house. The east, south and west sides of the property consisted of shaded open lawn which the client wished to have converted to wildflower meadows. There were also issues of privacy and poor drainage of stormwater runoff to be addressed.

The landscape design created a more inviting approach to the front of the house and reworked the circular driveway so that there was both access for visitors to the front walk and access to the garage.

Privacy was attained through a variety of mixed evergreen and deciduous plantings along the south and east property boundaries.  Regrading of key areas and the addition of shrub planting beds as well as the conversion of lawn to wildflower meadow helped to alleviate the runoff issues from stormwater.

This redesign provided spatial balance, direction, and interest through the artful layout of planting areas and the use of varied texture and color in the plant palette as well as a sustainable landscape that minimizes impacts to the environment and is simple to maintain.

Design Focus

Sustainable Landscape Design • Building/Site Integration

SIMPLICITY & ECOLOGY: New London, Connecticut
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