Pawtuxet River Trail

Design and construction of a nature trail and signage in an ecologically sensitive landscape

Hope Associates, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and conservation of environmentally sensitive land along waterways in the Pawtuxet River Watershed and River in Scituate, Rhode Island. Since 1988, Elena M. Pascarella. RLA, ASLA has served as a consultant for the creation of a river trail and park on two of their properties.

A 1988 feasibility study examined the historic, cultural and natural resources of these properties analyzing the recreational potential for each parcel and evaluating the feasibility of connecting the two parcels with a pedestrian bridge. The design approach preserved historic railroad artifacts, enhanced the area’s cultural character, and suggested the most environmentally sensitive trail route. Landscape Elements LLC provided subsequent design and construction documents as well as community outreach services to facilitate implementation of Phase 1 design and construction of the Hope Village Green on a one-acre parcel in Hope village and Phase 2 design of the trail and wetland boardwalk on a 30-acre parcel along the river. Other consultants included Applied Bio-Systems and Yoder Engineering, Inc.

Design Focus

Historic Preservation • Ecological Landscape Design
Wetland Mitigation/Restoration

Pawtuxet River Trail: Scituate, Rhode Island
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