Waterbury Green Master Plan

Revitalizing an historic urban green

The Waterbury Green has been an important community asset in Waterbury for over 350 years. This small central open space has served its citizens in a wide variety of ways, each use responding to the direct needs of the population. From pasture to community park, the Green has been transformed and shaped by community demands. Because the New England Green is a reflection of the social, cultural and economic needs of a community, it never marks a specific point in time, but evolves as a means of reflecting current community values. The current needs and goals of the City of Waterbury are reflected in this Master Plan which is comprised of the following elements:

Commemorative Space
All of the monuments on the existing Green mark distinct periods in time. An important function of the Green is to accommodate large crowds for Veterans’ and commemorative ceremonies so a commemorative space was created, consolidating all war memorials in one location.

Green Space
The trees and vegetation on the Green not only provide visual relief from the hard surfaces of the city but also clean the air around the Green, providing a healthier environment for residents. The master plan recommended restoration of the historic double allee of trees on the east-west axis.

Entertainment Space
The Green attracts many people who spend part of their day socializing there. Due to its central location, it is easily accessible to the daily office population as well as downtown residents. It’s central location also makes it a very desirable space for community events such as concerts, Farmer’s markets and lunch dining. A large outdoor amphitheatre space was created to accommodate large gatherings.

A Front Yard
Located directly adjacent to the Green, the YMCA staff and Mattatuck Museum staff use the Green as an extension of their facilities, bringing patrons onto the Green for programmed events.

2012 Merit Award for Planning & Analysis, by the Connecticut Chapter of American Society of Landscape Architects

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Waterbury Green Master Plan
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